Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading corporate group, we pay close attention to the needs of the people and society and we are always looking forward to ways of giving back to the society. Inline with our constant CSR policy, we invest in people and we believe in nurturing the younger generation by means of Industrial Trainings, Career Counselling and Paid corporate internships. Furthermore, our r&d department is researching ways & testing equipment to provide sustainable energy as a CSR initiative to underprivileged people in remote villages in Pakistan.

We are constantly on the lookout for gaps in the social & development sector and are always happy to help organizations working for the betterment of the people & the society in these fields.

Therefore, if you are part of such an organization or are running a social development organization/project, drop us an email on and we'll be sure to get in touch with you are play our part !
  • Freshmen Career Counselling
  • Paid Internships & Placements
  • Skill development Workshops
  • Sustainable Energy for Remote Villages